The Never-ending SEO Learning Curve

June 11, 2007

If you feel keeping your website a search engine darling takes a huge amount of work, you’re right — getting to and maintaining a high SE ranking requires, as the site Bruce Clay, Inc. says, a “constant keywords monitoring and information rework. Search Engine Optimization never rests, much like your competition.”

So how can you get the attention of the search engines? One way is by blogging, and by blogging often. A client of mine, hired me last year to blog at, and within three months that blog went from a Google Page Rank of 0 to a Page Rank of 3 (the highest ranking is a 5) — all with blogs written and posted about three times a week.

There’s a nifty SEO guru discussion featured in the blog post “Got 100 Dollars? 7 Experts share budget website marketing tips.”  Of particular note — to me — is this, written by Todd Malicoat of the site Here’s an excerpt of portion of the $100 dollar blog discussion:

I don’t think there is one sure fire plan based on the amount of money you have, but the point is, that it shouldn’t take MUCH money to make more if you do so strategically using the tools that are available to you. The power of e-mail alone is amazing. The power of a great article and web publishing is astounding. The power of good links and great rankings
is mind boggling.


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